Commercial Services

Service is what sets Swim Pro apart from the others. For over thirty years we have serviced pools and spas from 300 to 300,000 gallons, providing our customers the highest quality service at a fair price. We have on hand everything required to keep your pool running smoothly. Swim Pro is an authorized warranty center for most manufacturers and all our service technicians are APSP certified.

Let Swim Pro Repair, Replace Upgrade your equipment. We will diagnose the problem and give you all options available. If replacement or upgrade is needed we will work with the local or state health departments in submitting any needed plans and specifications for approval.

Filtration System

If your filtration system is not working properly it can lead to cloudy water and excessive need to backwash. We can diagnose the problem many times the sand may need to be changed in a sand filter or filter grid replacement in a DE filter.


Your swimming pool pump is the most important component with out it nothing else will work. We can replace bearings or the motor if it is loud or locked up. Low flow can be caused by air leaks, leaky seals or worn impeller all things we can help you with.

Chlorination System

A malfunctioning chlorinator can lead to unhealthy water and health department shutdowns. Liquid chlorine systems commonly need feed tubes and injection fittings replaced.

Chemical Controls

Controllers can make swimming pools and spa easier to maintain and healthier; however they need to be maintained and serviced to ensure they continue to work properly.

UV Systems

Require annual service to check bulbs and cleaning in order to give protection against dangerous bacteria and chloramines reduction.